Frequent Questions

  1. Does CDR provide grants?

    –No, CDR does not provide grants, however; CDR does “grant” every person the opportunity to complete a loan application.

  2. What interest rate does CDR charge?

    –All interest rates are based on risk and collateral, however; CDR’s rates are comparable to commercial loan rates.

  3. What are the terms of CDR loans?

    –Terms for business loans can be from 1-6 years based on the type of project, the amount requested and the value of collateral being pledged.

  4. Are there any fees associated with CDR’s loans?

    –Yes. (Please see Loan Section on site.)

  5. How long does the loan review process take?

    –After the complete loan application is received, the loan review decision is determined within 10 days if and when all required information is provided.

  6. Is collateral required for all CDR loans?


  7. What can I use the loan capital for?

    –The loan capital can be used for: Real Estate, Equipment, Furniture & Fixtures, Inventory and Working Capital.

  8. Is a business plan required to get a loan?


  9. How long do you need to be in business to receive a loan?

    –CDR provides loans for start-up and existing businesses, there is no minimum or maximum for time in business.

  10. What type of business do you finance?

    –CDR may finance any entity that operates as a legal business in the state of Nebraska except for alcohol, tobacco and firearm related type businesses.

  11. Does CDR make loans anywhere in the United States?

    –No. CDR’s service area is the state of Nebraska.