Business Consulting Program

Community Development Resources (CDR) receives grants to help cover the costs of supplying Business Consulting (f/k/a Technical Assistance.)  The Business Consulting Program’s intent is to maximize the positive impact CDR can make on a business or businesses. 

CDR’s approach will have 2 basic paths, Individual Consulting and Group Consulting. 

Individual Consulting 

A CDR staff member or expert will work with one person/business on areas needing support.

Group Consulting

Group consulting is intended to supplement individual consulting, not replace it.


These are one to three session meetings to address different aspects of business ownership.  A CDR staff member or outside expert will lead the session.  Individual consulting sessions should be scheduled to meet the specific needs of a business.


These multi-session meetings will address different aspects of business ownership in more detail.  Examples could be marketing, using social media, etc.  Does not include quarter or semester long classes.

Reimbursement for Workshops

Workshops and seminars are offered through a number of different sources, and they can supply some types of consulting more efficiently than CDR could supply it.  This program will pay some or all of the cost to attend the session; and some or all of the cost of program materials/books.  This program is not intended to pay tuition to attend a traditional quarter or semester long class. 

Community Development Resources (CDR) will reimburse expenses for approved applicants to attend specific workshops and seminars. (Expenses only include the cost of the program, and any required books.)  Here is how it works:

1.       Submit an application, in person, to CDR at least 1 week prior to the workshop.  CDR will approve/deny application.

2.       Register for the workshop and purchase any required books.  SAVE THE RECEIPTS FOR PAYMENT

3.       Attend the workshop – have the instructor sign the attendance form. 

4.       Attach the receipts to the attendance form and give/send it to CDR.

5.       Meet with a CDR Staff member

6.       CDR will send you a check within 1 week to reimburse you.